Spring flowers and blossoms at Beehaven

Beautiful Bee friendly spring flowers and blossoms are all coming into bud on the trees around the farm and little shoots are starting to push through the cold frosty ground…

Beehaven Biodegradable Wreaths

Our Beehaven Sustainable wreaths are made using a natural moss or twig base. They are bound with twine and are completely biodegradable. The metal ring base can be re used or recycled¬† everything else can be composted. Our willow base wreaths can be 100% composted. We only use natural and sustainable ingredients to decorate our […]

September Flowers at Beehaven

Beehaven flowers are perfect for a seasonal Autumnal look for your wedding. We also have a selection of scented herbs for your bouquets and floral designs. Not only will your flowers look fabulous but they will also smell amazing making your flowers truly memorable. Make an impression with our beautiful, seasonal, sustainable, British grown, Bee friendly flowers and herbs and make your wedding flowers truly unique.

Its May and the Beehaven Wedding season is underway

  A mix of viridiflora Tulips, apple blossoms and honey suckle vines with some pom poms of ranunculus and acid green viburnum. Late April and early May wedding bouquets have some fabulous colours, textures and scent to choose for your Bee friendly wedding flowers. In this combo we used a brides favourite Tulip as colour […]

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